Business Options

Create your own business with private residential assisted living homes, care homes, foster homes, and/or Veterans Administration (VA) homes.

Your Options:

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OPTION I: Owning/Renting Home:

We have had buyers choose to use their own family homes, or purchase new locations. Some have decided to rent properties. That is the beauty of the Circle of Life Holdings, LLC® business opportunity, we will give you the tools for what best suits your situation. Some owners want to be doing the caregiving while others want to hire full time staff - It is an individual preference and we are here to help with those decisions.

  • Our team will train and provide you with everything you need to get your home licensed:
  • • Site Selection and Logistics
  • • Needed Inspections
  • • Licensing procedures
  • • Operations, Policy and Procedures manuals and education
  • • Staffing needs
  • • State regulation Documents
  • • Meal Planning
  • • Care planning
  • • Marketing for residents
  • • And much more.
  • Own or Rent Today!
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OPTION II: Owning The Real Estate with "Hands Off" Care

This is the popular path for both a real estate investor and a Home Care owner. The investor would purchase the home and rent to those wanting to open Residential Personal Care Homes and be assured of great monthly income. We have many investors who have proved this as a good investment.

The Care Homeowner will run the home and would be responsible to oversee the care and operations of the home.

Rent Your Estate with Circle of Life


"The service provided by Circle of Life is an answer to many families who seek a protective and safe home environment for their loved ones. As an investor of luxury homes, I was intrigued by the concept of offering luxury homes for family members needing such care. So when contacted by Susan to utilize these investments for the loved ones her firm cares for, a beautiful relationship began. I was sold on the concept. We now have several homes to offer family members that meet this "first-class" standard. What a beautiful way to fulfill the growing need for homes that meet the standards maintained for Circle of Life residents. We as a team strive to offer the best homes for family members in need of loving care provided by Circle of Life."

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