How We Can Help You Start Your Own Residential Care Home

Are You Passionate About Residential Care and Business Ownership?

Start Your Own residential care HOME!

How We Can Help You Start Your Own Residential Care Home

Supporting disabled or elderly loved ones at home can be overwhelming for family members ill-prepared for the task ahead. However, getting care at a private home provides a higher quality of life than staying at a big box nursing home. With about 49.4 million baby boomers in need of long-term care, elderly care is a booming industry. Circle of Life Business Opportunities in Prescott, AZ makes it easier for more entrepreneurs to enter the industry through these investment pathways.

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Find Opportunities in Residential Home Care

Professionals starting a career in the home care industry or those who are already working in healthcare often lack access to potential markets. Circle of Life Business Opportunities works with entrepreneurs to help them understand the opportunities in operating a private care home business in the US and help them decide if it's the right path for them. With our industry experience, entrepreneurs can receive the necessary support needed to be part of the healthcare industry.

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Owning or Renting a Home

Entrepreneurs may have different preferences when doing business. Some may be willing to buy a property to use for their home care business while others are only interested in renting. Circle of Life Business Opportunities considers your preferences to provide you with the tools and assistance you need to navigate the regulations, logistics, rules, and the sea of documentation required in opening a home care service.

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Providing Home Care

As a business focusing on person-centered care, we understand the training required to assist people with disabilities and the elderly. Under Circle of Life Business Opportunities, we provide high-quality training to improve the level of care your residents receive. As a business that has been in the industry for decades, we have highly trained specialists in personal care and Alzheimer’s support. We are passionate about giving the disabled and the elderly the comfort they deserve while staying at our private homes, and we want to share these methods with you.

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"Hands Off" Care

Rather than running a residential home care business, some investors may prefer a hands-off approach by investing in real estate and renting the property to a residential home care owner. The home care owner will have full responsibility for running the home and overseeing operations. Many investors found this path to be a good investment and a steady source of cash flow.

Invest in a Care Facility

Take your passion for elderly and disabled care to new heights with Circle of Life Business Opportunities. We make it less challenging for you to start or invest in a residential care home. Receive the support and training you need to be part of the rapidly growing industry of providing quality elderly and disabled care. Get in touch with our team in Prescott, AZ to learn more.